AutoDrivenMarketing websites will be shut off on the 10th of each new month if payment is not received by then - Thank you in advance for keeping payment methods up to date for billing on the 1st of each new month!
Starting as little as $49.95/mo we will provide a hands-free service which digitally imposes your dealership background into the 1st and most prominent photo of each vehicle in your inventory. The initial photo is so important since this is what shows up in your Search Results Pages. If that initial photo is appealing, your online shoppers will be more inclined to click!
To try this new service, send us an email now!
Facebook Marketplace Hands-Free posting - $199/mo additional with FREE setup.
Includes 10 posts per day to over 20 Facebook groups!
AI chat bot integration included for all Facebook Marketplace postings allowing instant communication and info gathering to your messenger account.
Please contact email@autodrivenmarketing.com for more info.